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Need some CRM advice? Or maybe you want the latest sales and marketing trends? You can find it all here, written by our experts in our CRM blog.
News May 25th, 2018
Jessica Kuznia

GDPR Data Protection: The Death of Lead Nurturing?

Does the introduction of GDPR data protection mean the end of lead nurturing?

New Features May 3rd, 2018
Helen Armour

Launching CRM Quotations Feature

SpotlerCRM launched a new quotations feature that lets users create sales quotations from their CRM.

New Features May 1st, 2018
Helen Armour

Sales Quotations Now Available in Your CRM

The new SpotlerCRM feature, Quotations, has created an all-in-one sales pipeline in your CRM.

News Apr 26th, 2018
Helen Armour

GDPR Compliance Tool Phase 2 Launches

We’re delighted to launch the second phase of our GDPR compliance tool for SpotlerCRM!

CRM Apr 23rd, 2018
Guest Writer

Three Ways to Evaluate The Success of Your CRM Implementation

Having committed to using a CRM system you’ll also want to ensure it’s a success. Here are three ways to evaluate you...

Technology Apr 9th, 2018
Helen Armour

Don’t Get Caught by Spear Phishing

Spear Phishing, the term given to fraud directed at specific companies by email to extract payment, is on the rise. M...

Data Security Mar 9th, 2018
Helen Armour

Bite-sized GDPR

If like most people you’ve tried to read up on GDPR but glazed-over before you completed the first paragraph, here’s ...

New Features Feb 28th, 2018
Helen Armour

What’s New in Version 5 for 2018

We are constantly developing our system to improve your CRM experience, adding new features and functionality. See wh...

Reporting Feb 22nd, 2018
Helen Armour

Launching GDPR Customer Compliance Functionality

SpotlerCRM is the first CRM vendor to deliver GDPR 2018 specific functionality.

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