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CRM Tutorial Videos

Need some CRM training and help? Our non-techie, CRM tutorial videos show you how to use the key CRM features.

How to Use Our CRM Software

If you've a new user to our CRM this video will show you how to get started with the key features.

How to Import Data

With SpotlerCRM you can create quotations directly from your sales opportunities and mail them to your prospects.

How to Add an Account

To get started with your CRM the first thing you will need to do is to add some Company Accounts.

How to Add a Contact

Learn how to add Contact to your CRM - the individual people in your Company Accounts.

How to Upgrade Your CRM

Watch how to upgrade your SpotlerCRM to any one of our paid-price plans - Professional or Enterprise.

How to Add and Edit a CRM User

Watch how to add new Users to your CRM system, then edit and delete existing ones.

How to Create Custom Fields

Create your own Custom Fields to tailor your CRM system to meet your business needs.

How to Create Custom Grids

With SpotlerCRM you can easily set up custom grids (or tables) to display what’s important to your business.

How to Create Custom Dropdown Lists

Customise your CRM by creating your own Dropdown Lists to drive your Custom Fields.

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