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User Permission Levels

Control who has access to what by setting user permission levels for your CRM.

Secure Your Data

Protect your valuable data and sales pipeline.

Security Permissions For CRM Users

If security is important to your business, you can set CRM permission levels and control who has access to what and when. Using the User Permission Levels feature you can set security levels for all your team, constraining who can view or has access to edit the various section of your CRM.

User Permission Levels gives you full control of your CRM, meaning your valuable data is as protected as you want it to be.

Security Permissions For CRM Users

Access Control

Set CRM permission levels to control who has access to what data.

Control which users have access to the various areas of data, such as your sales pipeline, reporting, data export and marketing.
Set each user’s access to “read”, “write”, or “no access”, regulating visibility and data editing.
Create custom User Groups and User Profiles to specify the access levels and access times required.
Run custom reports and forecasts by User Groups to measure performance.

Permission Profiles

Set up user profiles and user groups to manage your access levels and performance.

Using Permission Levels

Your CRM permission levels are governed by setting up custom User Groups and User Profiles. By allocating each CRM User to a User Group and allocating a Profile, you can determine what level of access each has to your data and when. For example, you could set up the security so Users in the same User Group, for example UK Sales, can access and edit each other’s Accounts, but not Accounts owned by Users of another Group.

Groups and Profiles

By allocating each CRM user to a custom User Group and setting a User Profile you can control who has access to what in your CRM. A User Group might be a name such as “UK Sales”, “Marketing”, or “Management”. A User Profile will determine whether the User has “Read”, “Write” or no access to their own accounts, accounts that belong to other users in their User Group; and to all other Accounts. You can also set the hours of access for each User Profile, adding an extra level of security.

Reporting Permission

You can make use of the CRM user permission levels when running listing and forecast Reports. For example, you could use the User Group name to run sales reports for a particular team or sub-total the data by the group.

You can also restrict reporting access on the user record, to disallow someone from reporting on either their own, their User Group or on global data.

We have over 100 users across 50 offices that access the data on a daily basis, both from within the office and on their mobile devices when out in the field. This just wasn’t something that was available to us with our previous solution.

Matt Jessop, British Red Cross

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