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Reporting • Feb 22nd, 2018 • Helen Armour

Launching GDPR Customer Compliance Functionality

SpotlerCRM is the first CRM vendor to deliver GDPR 2018 specific functionality.

Petersfield, Hampshire
22 February 2018

SpotlerCRM First CRM Vendor To Deliver GDPR-Specific Functionality

SpotlerCRM has launched phase one of its development to enable customer compliance in advance, of the introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

SpotlerCRM is thought to be the first CRM vendor to tackle GDPR 2018 compliance with a phased roll out of specific developments to its email marketing tool. The changes will enable its clients to store contact data and run their marketing campaigns in-line with the new law.

GDPR 2018 Implications

The European Union (EU) data protection legislation, which is due to come into force on 25th May 2018, has implications for any business holding data on EU citizens. One of the key issues for marketers is the need to gain “explicit consent” from an individual before they can engage in any marketing communication. This includes email, SMS messaging and telephone calls. The new legislation will have a global effect and non-compliance is to be met with some hefty fines.

Gaining Customer Consents

Having announced its own compliance with GDPR back in September 2017, SpotlerCRM’s first phase of development lets its customers record appropriate consent from online registrations. Businesses using the company’s Advanced Marketing tool will be able to create web-to-lead transactions that will record an individual’s consent as required by GDPR 2018.

SpotlerCRM's former CEO, John Paterson, explains ‘GDPR requires an individual to give “explicit consent” to receive any electronic marketing communication. This new release will allow businesses to collect opt-in consents from contacts before 25th May, and have an auditable log of when, how and from what IP address the consent was granted, so that they can continue to market to them after the deadline.’

Roll Out Of Further Phases

The second phase of SpotlerCRM development will follow shortly, enabling businesses to gather and record consent from existing contacts. The third and final phase to activate the mailing and consent lists will go live before the GDPR 2018 deadline in May.

Paterson continues ‘GDPR is the biggest marketing and compliance challenge businesses have faced for some time. It’s been important to us to support our customers as they adapt to the changes. We’ve embraced the regulation as a positive development for individuals and a real opportunity for business’.

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