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Tasks & Calendars

Great CRM task management tools that make sure you’re on top of your customer relationships and you never miss another sale.

Customer Centric Collaboration

Put your customers at the heart of your business and anticipate their needs.

CRM Task Management

Spotler CRM helps to organise your workload and make sure you never miss another sale. The objective is to have a “360 degree view” of the customer, with all your communications in one place.

Your team can view the latest correspondence, putting an end to duplication and time-wasting. Our CRM helps put your customers at the forefront of your business and lets you anticipate their needs.

CRM Task Management

Take Control

CRM Task management tools to organise everything and delight your customers.

Set up CRM tasks for yourself to follow up or assign them to others in your team.
Record meetings, calls, emails and any other exchanges in the activity timeline.
View and manage your tasks from your CRM dashboard and view outstanding tasks across your team.
Automatically capture your emails to and from your contacts into the company account record.
Completed tasks automatically added to activities timeline.
Google Calendar synchronisation.

Chaos Prevention

Organise everything and keep your team on track.

Tasks & Reminders

Tasks & Reminders

The CRM tasks feature allows you to create reminders in your customer accounts that sync with your calendar. You can set up tasks for yourself or assign them to one of your team, and also send an email reminder. You can set up recurring tasks, maybe flagging an expiry date or a 6-weekly courtesy call.

Once a task is completed it will automatically be added to the activities timeline in your customer account. Outstanding tasks can be viewed by all your team so you’ll always know the next communication and when it’s due.

Account History

As well as tasks, you can record any exchanges with your contacts and so creating a complete history of your communications. You can record details of calls, meetings, emails and any other interactions.

Activity Timeline

Your notes, emails and completed tasks are stored into the account activity timeline, giving a full chronological record that your team can view. You’ll know what’s been followed up, what’s been said and by whom.

Email Integration

With our automated email integration, your emails to and from every contact will be recorded to the account activity timeline, completing the history of correspondence.

With all our information in one place, we are able to stay on top of our leads and we know what we need to do each day, rather than scrambling.

Catherine Barratt, Contracts Engineering

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