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Marketing Automation

Web integration and workflow tools to streamline your customer experience and spend less time performing repetitive tasks.

Scale Up Your Growth

Progress prospects through your pipeline and put time back in your day.

Marketing Automation & Sales Integration

Our CRM marketing automation integrates your website, campaigns and sales, processing new leads and triggering workflows. Data captured from a web form will automatically update your CRM records or create a new account. You can also send an alert for your sales team to follow up, and initiate a programmed series of emails in a drip campaign.

Automation puts time back in your day by taking care of routine tasks and moving prospects through your pipeline without you lifting a finger.

Marketing Automation & Sales Integration

Workflow Automation

Workflow tools to capture leads and progress your prospects through your pipeline.

Create web forms to capture new leads and add them to marketing campaigns and workflows.
Collect marketing consent from web forms and emails in compliance with GDPR.
Add leads to automated drip campaigns, sending targeted messages at pre-defined times.
Identify your best leads with Lead Scoring and set follow up tasks as they move through your pipeline.
Schedule email messages to send by the minute, hour, day, week or month.
Use Workflow Automations to move leads from one campaign to another.

Simple Automation

Easily manage your prospects and pipeline with automated campaigns and triggers.

Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns send a series of pre-defined emails to your contacts at schedule intervals. Prospects can be automatically added to a campaign using a web form or a workflow, helping you with the lead management and qualification process.

Drip campaigns can also be used to follow up an event or seminar. Creating a segment of contacts from your CRM database, you could send an initial message thanking them for coming, followed by a series of your latest blogs.

Web Forms & Triggers

Use web forms to capture contacts from your website and set triggers to follow up. The web form maps your contact’s data to your CRM records, creating new records or updating existing ones. You can use web forms for newsletter signups, white paper downloads, customer support cases, webinar registrations, free trials, demos, video downloads and more.

Each web form can be used to initiate multiple actions that processes your leads differently.

Lead Scoring

With Lead Scoring you can give each lead a score based on the data provided and how they interact with your marketing. For example, you might score a lead based on their demographics such as their location, company size, product interest and value. You might also add a score each time they interact with your marketing, for example, when they click on a email link. Then based on the lead score accrued, you can add a lead to a campaign, move them from one campaign to another, or create a task for a sales person to follow up.

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Mailing & Consent Lists

To help with compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you can capture marketing consents from your web forms and log an auditable record of the transaction in the CRM account. A checkbox added to a registration form will let you date stamp the activity and record the contact’s IP address to the CRM account.

Web-to-Case Forms

If you’re using our integrated help desk software you can create web forms that automatically open a new service ticket and assigns the case to your support team, capturing the transaction to your CRM.

You can set up auto-responses to let your customer know you have received their request and issue them with a case ID or “ticket” number. Consequently, all further communication quoting this reference will be recorded to the case and the customer’s account in the CRM.

Really Simple Systems CRM macots Wedge and Pie demo team collaboration

The CRM is extremely important to us, especially when it comes to communication with all our prospects and customers. It is the primary means of communication which is everything.

David Johnson, Valley Surgical

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is about using technology to automate marketing activity. By automating repetitive tasks, such as email marketing and campaign management, businesses can create efficiency and increase productivity. At the same time, marketing automation can mean a more personalised customer experience, so the customer gets what they want faster.

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