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Need some CRM advice? Or maybe you want the latest sales and marketing trends? You can find it all here, written by our experts in our CRM blog.
New Features Sep 30th, 2019
Helen Armour

Launching Custom Charts and Other New Widgets!

Create Custom Charts for your dashboard to visualise your key performance indicators.

Customer Service Sep 26th, 2019
Guest Writer

Top Metrics To Understand How Your Customers Feel About Your CX

It can be difficult to know which metric is best. Discover the top metrics to measure how customers rate your CX stra...

CRM Sep 24th, 2019
Helen Armour

Rolling Out Our New CRM User Interface

Our new user interface gives a fresh, modern look to our CRM, making it really easy to find and view your data.

New Features Sep 19th, 2019
Nick Leong

Web Forms Update Released

Our latest update adds a new feature to Web Forms, increasing its capabilities and functionality.

New Features Sep 18th, 2019
Helen Armour

Time Restriction CRM Access

Increase your data security with our new time restricted login feature to control when users have access.

Sales Sep 17th, 2019
Daniel Bishop

Why Integrating CRM with Marketing Automation Will Help Boost Sales

Maximise your sales potential by integrating marketing automation with your CRM to see the bigger picture.

News Sep 11th, 2019
John Paterson

GDPR & Brexit Update

With the uncertainty of Brexit, we are moving all our data storage out of the UK and into the rest of the EC.

Business Strategy Sep 10th, 2019
Daniel Bishop

How To Align Your Sales And Marketing Strategies

Align your sales and marketing strategies so your teams are ready to face the challenges of the modern marketplace.

CRM Sep 9th, 2019
Jessica Kuznia

Keeping Your CRM System Up To Date

Learn why keeping your CRM system up to date will ensure that your business is getting the most out of your CRM system.

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