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News • May 31st, 2018 • Helen Armour

Keeping You logged In

Do you find being auto-logged out of your CRM frustrating? Well, we’ve got the feature for you!

New ‘Keep me logged in’ Feature Added

Maybe like me, you’ve been working on something else then returned to your CRM for some information only to discover it’s logged you out, argh!

If you’ve ever been frustrated that your CRM has timed-out on you, you’ll be pleased to hear a solution is now available. We’ve introduced a new “keep me logged in” feature that over-rides the security time-out settings and keeps you logged in.

By default, as a security feature, the CRM will log you out after 2 hours of no activity. This means that if you leave your workstation unattended nobody else will be able to access your data. That’s fair enough, but in today’s office environment it’s not always very practical.

Setting Up ‘Keep me logged in’

You’ll be pleased to know your system Administrator can now select to over-ride this, allowing users to be logged in continuously. At the bottom of the Company Settings page, you find a checkbox titled “Allow the use of ‘Keep me logged in’ feature”. Ticking this will enable the setting.

Then when your users login, they’ll see a checkbox on the login page for ‘Keep me logged in’, just below the password box. Ticking this will keep them logged in continuously for two weeks or until they logout. Find out more on our Customer Support Hub.

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