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CRM for Financial Services

CRM for the Financial Services Industry

More than any other sector, success in the financial services industry depends on building and maintaining strong relationships with clients and partners. With personal contacts at stake, data management systems must provide compliance and confidentiality.

SpotlerCRM is a flexible CRM for financial services that supports the industry-specific requirements of financial advisers, wealth managers, tax advisers, insurance brokers, investment bankers, and venture and private equity investors.

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Customise Your CRM For Finance

Our easy to use CRM includes the option to add custom fields to any record in the CRM system. For example, you can set up custom fields in the Account, Contact and Opportunity record letting you easily capture key data such as:

Investable Assets
Assets Under Management
Insurance Premium and Sum Insured
KYC data
Claim details

Client Management Records

Our CRM software keeps all your client details in one place together with your meeting, telephone and email interactions. Incoming emails are automatically logged against the correct client, even if the recipient is away. You can also store your KYC documents directly on the client’s record.

Industry Compliance

Financial services businesses around the world each need to comply with their local regulatory body. This might be it the SEC, FDIC, FINRA and NAIC in the United States; FAC and PRA in the UK; CSA in Canada; and APRA in Australia. As well as being GDPR and HIPAA compliant, with all personal data held in Europe, SpotlerCRM's security and compliance features include:

Data encrypted at rest

ISO27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018 data centres

Snapshot backups

Automated failover and standby systems to ensure 99.99% uptime

Strict internal data access policies

Full audit trail of data creation and amendment

Consent lists for marketing communication

Integrated Marketing Automation

With SpotlerCRM’s built-in marketing module you can run multiple simultaneous marketing campaigns, segmenting your database by existing and potential clients, investment category, policy type, financial product, tax topic, asset insured or any other category that could be defined.

Our built-in emailing functionality allows to you send and schedule mass email campaigns from within the CRM system without the need to interface to a third-party mailing product.

Monitor overall open, bounce, unsubscribe and clickthrough rates and to see those results immediately on the client record. You can set up multiple mailing lists by topic and allow clients to manage which mailing lists they are on.

If you are running PPC (pay per click) or PPL  (pay per lead) campaigns you can record the cost of each campaign and then automatically see cost per lead, cost per client and revenue (or margin) per marketing campaign.

Capture new client enquiries directly from your website into the CRM, automatically create tasks to follow up and add them to drip marketing campaigns.

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