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CRM for Tourism

CRM For Tourism And Destination Management

Success in the tourism sector depends on strong relationships with both host communities and stakeholders. Maintaining those relationships whilst maximising the commercial opportunities requires a skilful balance.

SpotlerCRM can help; by providing an affordable, turnkey solution to manage your relationships, track sales and collaborate with your team.

Our CRM for tourism provides a B2B solution for destination management organisations, local government organisations, tourist boardsBIDs, conference bureaux and MICE professionals.

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More Than Just A CRM

Our tourism CRM includes integrated email marketing that lets you create and send email newsletters directly to your contact database. You can set up detailed segmentations and personalise your messages based on the data stored in your CRM. This might be simply according to your contact’s account type, location or value, but you could also group by interest, previous activity or any custom data you collect.

Using forms on your website you can collect new inquires directly to the CRM and allocate them to a member of your team to follow up. You can also add them to an automated marketing campaign, sending them a welcome message and follow up emails over a period of time.

Create detailed database segments and personalise your messages

Collect new leads directly from your website, allocate them to a team member and set tasks to follow up

Design and send email newsletters, and manage traditional campaigns

Automate marketing campaigns for new contacts using drip marketing

Build up valuable insight from your contacts’ engagement to drive future campaigns

Collect and maintain marketing consents for GDPR compliance

Managing Relationships And Tracking Sales

You’ll be managing relationships with a wide variety of contacts including clients, partners, agencies, suppliers, members and influence groups. Our tourism CRM software gives visibility of all your interactions and creates workflow automation, helping you manage your relationships, sales opportunities and prioritizing your best leads.

For example, with advertising, memberships and sponsorship, you can track your leads right through the sales process from initial inquiry to close. Adding weightings and probability factors to your sales opportunities lets you run reliable forecast reports and monitor your team’s activity.

Manage your clients, partners, affiliates and members, recording calls and meetings in the CRM

Track your sales from initial contact to invoicing and run forecasts

Automatically log your emails to and from your contacts to the CRM

Create and send quotations from the CRM and integrate with your accounting software

Analyse and report on your sales and contact engagement

External Integration With Your Systems

SpotlerCRM integrates with XeroKashFlow and Sage Business Cloud accounting software systems. You can sync your data to create invoices directly from the CRM and manage your account balances. It also integrates with giving you access to over 5,000 other cloud applications including event management systems, like Eventbrite, and e-commerce software, such as WooCommerce.

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