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Need some CRM advice? Or maybe you want the latest sales and marketing trends? You can find it all here, written by our experts in our CRM blog.
Data Security Dec 7th, 2016
John Paterson

CRM Compliance with HIPAA

Really Simple Systems CRM is compliant with HIPAA (US legislation designed to protect US citizens’ health insurance) ...

News Dec 6th, 2016
John Paterson

Investigatory Powers Act – A Snooper’s Charter?

Read about the Investigatory Powers Act, or “Snooper’s Charter”, which received Royal Assent and came into force in t...

CRM Nov 18th, 2016
Helen Armour

What Our CEO Doesn’t Know About CRM

Really Simple Systems CEO and CRM expert, John Paterson, is asked to comment on the Software Advice CRM Buyers Guide.

Marketing Nov 17th, 2016
Helen Armour

Create and Send an Email Newsletter

This article provides the accompanying notes for the webinar “An Introduction to Email Marketing” showing you how to ...

Business Strategy Nov 3rd, 2016
Helen Armour

Developing a CRM Strategy

Create a CRM strategy aligned with your company’s vision and goals, while putting the customer at the forefront of co...

CRM Oct 21st, 2016
Helen Armour

What is a CRM System?

Understand what is a CRM System and how CRM software could bring benefits to your business.

Data Security Oct 16th, 2016
Helen Armour

Foiling the “Russian” Hackers

Read how the Really Simple Systems’ development team foiled a DDoS attack from a supposed “Russian” hacking group try...

Sales Sep 29th, 2016
Jessica Kuznia

Managing Your Sales Pipeline

This post accompanies our webinar “Managing Sales Pipeline” and walks you through how to use and set up your CRM Sale...

Technology Sep 26th, 2016
Helen Armour

You Don’t Need a CRM App

Learn how Really Simple Systems CRM uses responsive design technology so it fits beautifully with any mobile device s...

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