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News • Jan 12th, 2018 • Helen Armour

Your CRM Analytics Just Got Easier

In growing your business, we know how important it is to get to grips with your CRM data. That’s why we’ve released a new and improved report writer!

Put CRM Analytics at the Heart of Your Business with our Report Writers

We’ve made a few changes to our CRM Report Writers that we think you’ll like!

In growing your business, you’ll appreciate how important it is to get to grips with your CRM data and effectively manage your sales and marketing. To help, we’ve launched an update to our Report Writers that puts CRM analytics at the heart of your business decision-making.

CRM Report Scheduling

Using the CRM Version 5 interface, you’ll have instant access to your data by running reports from a widget on your dashboard and from scheduled reports mailed directly to your inbox. Whether you’re running ad-hoc reports or scheduling daily weekly or monthly reports, the data you need will be at your fingertips.

Using the new “Run-time” feature means you don’t need to modify a report each time you run it, saving you valuable time. Checking the “Run-time” box will make the filter options available on the saved report, so you can quickly change your criteria values without having to open the report.

You can also run reports directly from the Reports Summary Grid, outputting to your screen, as PDFs or CSV files.

SpotlerCRM reports summary

Drag and Drop Report Builder

When creating new reports, the simple “drag and drop” process lets you quickly select the fields you want to include as well as the report output format. If you are sharing data with colleagues, you’ll be able to set permission levels for each report to specify who has access to it and at what level.

SpotlerCRM sales manager, Lisa Kilmister, commented “The new reports programme will be a game changer for many of our customers. In today’s market, it’s essential to have insight into your sales and customer behaviour. This change makes that information readily available”.

New Reports Features Summary

Dashboard Report Widgets

“Drag and drop” report builder

Run reports direct from summary table

New Advanced Reporting Options

Scheduled reports delivered to your inbox

“Run-time” option to change the filter values when you run the report

Automated data output formats

Increased permission level options

Find Out More About CRM Reporting

You can find out more about using the Report Writers in our Customer Support Hub or come along to one of our live, monthly webinars.

The updated reports programme is now live for all CRM subscriptions using our Version 5 system. If you are not already using Version 5, you can switch over instantly by clicking here.

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