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CRM for Manufacturing

CRM Software for the Manufacturing Sector

The manufacturing sector is vast; comprising a wide range of industries including biotechnology, chemicals, metals, glass, machinery and plant manufacturers.

Commonly manufacturers are B2B, often with long sales cycles for high-value orders, and reliant on repeat business. Keeping existing customers happy while recruiting new ones is the key to business development.

SpotlerCRM for manufacturing is an easy-to-use CRM that will help you balance new and existing clients and maximise your sales.

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Maintaining Relationships

In the manufacturing sector, repeat orders rely on maintaining good customer relations. Our CRM with integrated marketing and support modules lets you manage your relationships and nuture future sales, keeping everything in one place.

Account managers can set reminders to schedule courtesy calls

Emails to and from the customer are automatically added to the CRM

Run reports sales by customer and by product; run queries such as which customers haven’t ordered or been contacted for a given time

Create consolidated sales forecasts

Design and send newsletters from the CRM without the need for third party mailers

Customer service issues can be logged and escalated using our powerful Customer Service Software

Team has a 360 degree view of the customer and any current issues

Managing New Business

By creating automated process for your sales, our CRM ensures that no new prospects get overlooked:

Collect new inquiries from your website, allocate them to a sales person and set tasks to follow up

Set reminders to follow up new leads

Manage new sales opportunities, run sales forecasts

Create marketing campaigns with drip marketing for new inquiries

Send topic-based newsletters to prospects and run multiple mailing lists that recipients can opt in/out of

Collect and maintain marketing consents for GDPR compliance

Connect And Integrate Other Systems

You can also connect your manufacturing CRM system to our integrated accounting products: XeroSage Business Cloud and KashFlow. You’ll be able to sync your data between the CRM and accounting software, adding new customers and creating invoices directly from the CRM. Your team can see each account balance, their sales to date and any overdue balances from within the CRM.

The CRM syncs with Google Apps and Office 365 and you can also integrate to more than 2,000 other cloud applications using

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