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About Oculus

Oculus provides the most pro-active security and facilities management (FM) in the country. They offer a wide range of solutions for security services, cleaning services and building maintenance to industry and commerce. This includes office cleaning, window cleaning, new construction builders cleans, welfare construction cleans and specialist cleans from Oculus’s focus in cleaning.

Oculus has used SpotlerCRM for a couple of years, but in the last 6 months they have been able to fully capitalise and take advantage of the CRM’s features.

When Phil Cook (Oculus Senior Account Director) joined the company, the CRM tool was being used more as a company notepad. “I saw there was a requirement for a proper sales CRM to be put into place. I knew we had an account with SpotlerCRM and after a couple of discussions with Lisa Kilmister (SpotlerCRM Sales Manager) we got our account upgraded to the Enterprise plan to add more users and include the service of an account manager.”

Phil explained that they had used another CRM system (Software Dynamics); “at the time the company wasn’t thinking long term and were focusing a lot more on sales and hitting targets than helping plan for the ‘bigger picture’. Coming from a more corporate perspective, and going to a business that was working from spreadsheets, I knew we needed to improve on that.”

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Improving the system as a whole

Phil learnt early on that their sales and admin team was being run from multiple spreadsheets with little to no tracking of what was fully processed and knew it wasn’t best practice going forward. The owner of Oculus had originally signed up for and sourced the SpotlerCRM and at that time only one person was fully trained and using it. When that individual left, the company started using the system as just a notepad.

After working and learning the system from watching a few webinars, Phil was able to build the customer database. Immediately changing the way they accessed their customers’ accounts. Instead of having to pull all their information at the accounts level, they had it in one central, easy to access location. Once all their account lines had been put onto the CRM system, tasks were then created for every client and each one had their pipeline built. 

Phil added, “The CRM has completely streamlined the whole sales element of the business. We use an external sales admin and before we used SpotlerCRM we had to call and inform her to set up meetings with clients. But now that we can assign tasks to her and vice versa, it’s cut down everyone’s admin time by 80%.”

I would 100% recommend businesses should talk to SpotlerCRM and see if the system is suitable for them. We couldn't recommend the system enough in all honesty.
Phil Cook, Senior Account Director

Learning and Exploring

“SpotlerCRM Customisation Service has been really, really helpful. Working with Simon Ridley (SpotlerCRM Customisation Manager) changed everything. Previously we were trying to shoehorn all our business into the CRM system and we were getting so far with it but there were little elements like recurring jobs that weren’t working for us.” 

After Phil talked with Simon the customisation was tested, implemented and live within 3 days. Phil mentioned, “all the elements and widgets that you can add on are great. I’d definitely say the customisation service was next level”. 

Oculus have recently started maximising their use of the CRM system by also using the Marketing tool. Now they have all of their contacts in one place and Phil sent out his first email to their 2,000 contact database. They were able to track the open rate and report on over 900 clickthroughs.

Having sent their first email, Phil has used SpotlerCRM to run sales reports and has identified where improvement is needed in the pipeline and when he needs to start pushing the marketing to help bridge the gap. “After discovering that, we are now in the process of putting together a small marketing campaign using the SpotlerCRM system. What will back up the figures is if we see an increase in garden services, which will back up the justification for using the marketing tool.”

Looking to the future

Phil is certainly looking to the future and how SpotlerCRM can help with their growth. Phil commented “I would 100% recommend businesses talk to SpotlerCRM and see if the system is suitable for them. I think I have already mentioned it to other companies. We couldn’t recommend the system enough, in all honesty."

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Industry: Security
Location: United Kingdom
Company Size: 10+ People

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