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Marketing • Aug 10th, 2022 • Guest Writer

CRM Email Marketing: What is it, and is it Right for your Business?

CRM email marketing is a personalized approach that integrates many tools to build a lasting bond between your business and its customer base.

Email marketing continues to develop, with new techniques and best practices yielding better results. Effective marketing emails are now highly targeted and include information that is relevant to the recipient. A generic ‘covers-all’ email should be a thing of the past if you want to keep your mailing list engaged and avoid a high volume of unsubscribes.

This article will discuss what CRM email marketing is, its advantages, and whether it is the right strategy for your business.

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What Is CRM Email Marketing?

CRM email marketing uses CRM tools to create more effective email campaigns. It helps to achieve more personalized emails that increase engagement for new and existing customers. This leads to improved relationships with your customers and ensures your brand will stay at the forefront of your audience’s mind. 

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a series of tools and practices that businesses can employ to manage multiple operations, including improved responsiveness when a lead is generated, the creation of sales pipelines, advanced customer analytics, and better relationships throughout the business.

Integrating your CRM systems with your email marketing means all your customer and sales data can be centralized, allowing easy access and measurement and resulting in improved targeting for future campaigns.

CRM Email Marketing Vs. Traditional Email Marketing Campaigns

Traditional email marketing centers around standardized emails that take a generic form. These emails are not personalized to the recipient and are instead sent en masse to the entire mailing list. Data shows that in 2022, this type of email marketing will achieve minimal engagement and lead generation results. 

Customers now expect much more from the emails they receive, such as content tailored to their requirements. For example, they want to receive suggested products related to their purchase history, personal value offers, and direct crypto payment options. This is not necessarily difficult or time-consuming to achieve when using the correct tools.

CRM email marketing emphasizes the individual and is more successful at collecting valuable data that can be used to improve your marketing and sales efforts. CRM email campaigns can be tracked to measure their effectiveness, allowing you to determine what techniques work and which do not.

Is CRM Email Marketing Right for Your Business?

The CRM market is expected to grow by almost 15% over the next 5 years. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from using CRM email marketing, with software and tools available at varying costs. This has been helped by the rapid growth in the CRM market, resulting in easier access to bespoke systems that can be customized to various specifications. 

Benefits of CRM email marketing include:

Improved customer service

More sales and a more streamlined sales pipeline

Higher customer retention rate

Better access to data and analytics

Increased efficiency

Greater management of business communications

Customer segmentation

Enhanced internal communications

When implementing your CRM systems, it is also worth paying attention to other aspects of your business that could be enhanced with bespoke software and intelligent processes. Businesses such as Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) can benefit from exclusive bank accounts that are purpose-built to meet their requirements.

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What Are the Main Advantages of CRM Email Marketing?

Now that you know what CRM email marketing is and understand its benefits, let’s look at the six main advantages of using CRM systems when launching email campaigns.

1. Get To Know Your Customers

Integrating your CRM system with email marketing campaigns allows you to gain a deeper insight into your customers and their behaviors. Every individual reacts and engages with marketing collateral differently, meaning some tactics and content may not register with some customers as they do with others.

This is where segmentation comes in. It helps you design different campaigns for specific groups or customer types, giving them a more personal touch with content that resonates. For example, you wouldn’t send the same email to prospects as you would to long-standing clients, while other campaigns may be region or age specific. The data collected by your CRM system can help make this process much easier and more streamlined.

2. More Sales and a Better Return on Investment (ROI)

Thanks to the in-depth analytics provided by your CRM system, you can create campaigns that target specific groups that are proven to generate more sales when compared to traditional email marketing. This targeted and personalized approach can help to preserve your marketing budget and result in a better ROI.

3. Identify Prospects More Efficiently

A strong understanding of your existing customer base can make life much easier for your sales team when it comes to identifying new prospects who match your target audience. It can significantly improve their efficiency, so less time is wasted chasing cold leads.

4. Automation

Many tasks can be fully or partially automated so sales and marketing teams can redirect their efforts into other activities, avoiding unnecessary admin and data management. Automated tasks can include sorting potential leads, data entry, and calendar management.

5. Improve Customer Engagement

One of the key benefits of CRM email marketing is improved levels of engagement between businesses and customers. Building lasting relationships with customers greatly boosts retention. And keeping track of all customer correspondence allows your sales team to communicate with customers individually, build rapport, and make the customer feel valued.

6. More Effective Than Other Marketing Channels

Compared to marketing channels such as social media, CRM email marketing is much more effective. Of course, this does not mean you should give up on social media marketing, but focusing more of your budget and efforts on channels that provide a better ROI is always recommended. 

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CRM Email Marketing – A Conclusion

CRM email marketing is an effective method of generating more leads and improving customer engagement to develop lasting relationships and boost customer retention rates. This is achieved by taking a more personalized approach to marketing emails and using segmentation to ensure only relevant content is sent to your customers.

Integrating email marketing campaigns with CRM systems helps to centralize sales and marketing data. Furthermore, automation tools can significantly reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, meaning sales teams can focus on completing tasks that offer more value. 

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