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Zapier is an integration platform that lets you pass data back and forth between your cloud-based applications, automating tasks and saving you time. There are more than 5,000 apps available, including SpotlerCRM. This means you can integrate the systems you use with your CRM and streamline your business.

By integrating your applications and automating data flow, you’ll save time, get instantly updated information, reduce the opportunity for data to be missed or corrupted, and ultimately serve your customers in a more timely and professional manner.

Integrate with the apps you use

Many of the apps will already be familiar to you and you can integrate them with your CRM. Popular integrations include TypeformMailchimpQuickBooksSlackTrelloFacebook and Google Sheets.

For example, you could integrate your apps to automatically:

Pass new Contacts in your CRM to MailChimp
Create an Accounts and Contacts in your CRM from Typeform, together with a Task
Add new Contacts to your CRM from your Facebook Ads
Create a Task in the CRM when you receive an email from Gmail

Triggers and Actions

Zapier integration works by creating Triggers and Actions. A Trigger might be a new Contact being created in your CRM, or a new email arriving in Gmail. An Action could be the creation of a Task in your CRM, adding data to a spreadsheet or sending an SMS message. By putting together a Trigger with one or more Actions, you have what’s known as a “Zap”.

For example, you might pass new Contacts to a MailChimp list from your CRM using the SpotlerCRM “New Contact” trigger. Each time a new contact is added to your CRM it will also be automatically added to MailChimp.

Another, more sophisticated example, would be a “Zap” that adds a Task in your CRM when a new email arrives. This could be achieved by using the Gmail “New Email” trigger, which would drive an Action to find the relevant Contact in your CRM. It would then drive another action to find the Account and, finally, Create a Task for that Account.

More than 5,000 Apps

There are over 5,000 cloud applications on the Zapier platform, each with multiple Triggers and Actions available. There are almost unlimited ways to combine these into “Zaps”, saving you time by automating your data flow.

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