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A Powerful CRM System for Finance

Build long lasting relationships, save time and make more sales with the simple CRM software that’s designed for growing teams working B2B.

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Work Smarter And Grow Your Business

CRM software for financial services with everything you need to manage your sales, marketing and customer service.

Simple Finance CRM Software

Our award winning, simple finance CRM software provides everything you needs to to manage your customer relationships and drive sales growth.

Designed for small teams working B2B, it’s easy to set up and simple to use, letting you train your team in minutes.

Our CRM software helps you work smarter, managing and tracking your leads and customers so you can get on with growing your business.

Simple Finance CRM Software

Why 3,000+ Businesses Choose Us

At Really Simple Systems CRM we’re dedicated to helping your business grow.

Our easy to use CRM software includes all the features you need to successfully run your sales and marketing.
Easily find, track and manage your sales leads and build great customer relationships.
Free customer support where you actually get to speak with humans!
Powerful reporting tools to manage your business and understand your customers.
Integrated marketing module that’s compliant with GDPR and other data protection legislation.
Integrate your accounting software and the other systems you use to streamline your processes and save time.

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Insight And Visibility

Create a customer-centric strategy with full visibility of all your prospects and customers.

Build Great Relationships

Customer management couldn’t be easier! Find every customer, contact and communication instantly. Track your leads and automate your sales process. Keep on the ball by setting tasks and appointments so you never miss another sale.

Equally important is our relationship with you. We want your business to succeed that’s why we include free customer support and loads of free resources – delivered by humans!

Unite Your Team

Create effortless organisation with a centralised company hub, where everything is in one place. Our cloud CRM software gives full visibility of your customer interactions and builds upon the strength of your team and relationships.

Best for SMEs working B2B, our CRM is easy to set up and simple to use. So easy, you’ll be able to train your squad in minutes.

Powerful CRM Reports

View and track your sales from inquiry to close and automate your processes to prioritise your best leads. Gain valuable insights from your customer data with detailed reports and analysis.

Customise your CRM by adding your own fields so you can quickly find your data and create individual dashboards that highlight what’s important to you.

Simple Difference

At Really Simple Systems we’re dedicated to helping your business grow.

Free And Friendly Customer Support

Free And Friendly Customer Support

We believe the key to a successful CRM has very little to do with technology but everything to do with getting people to use the system properly.

That’s why you’ll find our customer service and support is first class – without costing you a penny! Our free support is not just there when you get started; we’ll continue to support you whenever you need help and we’ll work with you to make sure you get the most from your CRM.

Email Marketing Built-In

With our integrated CRM Marketing software you can build campaigns and send newsletters directly from your CRM system. There’s no need for a separate emailing product as everything you need is in one place!

Compliant with GDPR, you can capture new leads from web forms and assign them to your sales staff to follow up. Or work smarter by adding them to an automated email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Built-In

Really Simple Systems CRM Explained

Our CRM software helps you work smarter, managing and tracking your leads and customers so you can get on with growing your business.

Do Happy

Here at Really Simple Systems we love nothing more than making our valued customers smile. Go on, do happy.

"After a poor experience with a previous CRM, we were looking for a product which was not only intuitive and feature-rich, but came with great support. These guys succeeded on all counts."
John Jones
"When you’re a small business working towards growth, each step you take really matters. The CRM helps us tackle our ever-evolving objectives!"
Ian Hare
Clear Vehicle Data
"The quick support and help from the team, it's brilliant whether it be by Skype, telephone or email. I can’t recommend the product, and the people, enough!"
Elaine Hamilton
Hello Scotland
"We wanted something that we could learn quickly and was affordable. It was also very important for us that the system was 100% committed to GDPR compliance."
Bob Barrett
CyberTech Digital
"I highly recommend the CRM to small businesses who need the ability to easily follow up with numerous prospects. It's actually fun to use!"
Ann Parvin
Southern Comfort Homes
"The CRM has been able to adapt to fit us rather than us adapt to fit it. People always dislike change and to be given an intuitive system makes adoption and use so much easier for my staff."
Mike Smithson
The Property Jungle

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Since signing up with Really Simple Systems, we have really been able to take our customer service, marketing and communication to the next level.

Elaine Hamilton, Hello Scotland

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