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About NiCo Manufacturing

NiCo Manufacturing Ltd is one of the world’s longest established manufacturers. Founded in Germany in 1870 when, back then, the company produced quality metal hinges. In 1932, NiCo moved its operations base to the United Kingdom. Since then the company has seen continuous growth, and development of their product range to include the furniture sector, window products and high-performance door hinges.

Today, NiCo is a unique designer, manufacturer, and supplier of superior hinges and fittings which are widely used in the UK and exported all around the world. NiCo sells directly to manufacturers, relying on their regional sales managers to create new opportunities, promote the brand and drive sales.

Manufacturing Factory

With a traditional sales cycle of sales visits, quotation, sampling and follow up, NiCo is looking to expand its operations by consistently meeting legal requirements and exceeding customers’ expectations, with the goal of becoming the UK’s leading manufacturer of window and hardware products.

However, before discovering SpotlerCRM, this objective was hindered by a bespoke, cumbersome CRM that was difficult to access, did not allow shared access, and required unnecessarily complicated updating.

As a result, the team often kept customer information outside the CRM, causing inconsistent data and difficult staff collaboration.

Information is available to all and instantly accessible, so if a customer calls any member of staff can now assist.
Ian Harrison, NiCo

Simple CRM

As the previous CRM was difficult to use, when the NiCo management team started their search for a replacement system, the most important factor was for the new system to be simple. The criteria included:

Providing a clear sales pipeline for sales managers

Ensure customer data and records be easy to find, edit and view

Be cloud based and allow for shared access between staff members

NiCo chose to implement SpotlerCRM due to its simplicity, while also providing all the features required at great value for money.

Improving Internal Communication

NiCo’s Sales and Marketing Director, Ian Harrison, commented that the company had found SpotlerCRM easy to learn, using the online tutorials and support as needed. He also mentioned that if the team had a specific technical enquiry, they always received a prompt and helpful response from the Customer Support team.

SpotlerCRM is now used by the NiCo sales team to manage daily activities including identifying customers, opportunities, creating call plans, informing staff of activities, arranging tasks, reporting, and making shared data easy to access.

Since implementation, SpotlerCRM has changed the way the team manages their daily working processes. Ian Harrison explains, “External and Internal Sales are now far more aware of each other’s activities and we are able to update information without endless phone calls and emails. Information is available to all and instantly accessible, so if a customer calls any member of staff can now assist.”

The CRM has helped our sales teams work together far more closely through the shared use of the data
Ian Harrison, NiCo

“The CRM has helped our sales teams work together far more closely through the shared use of the data. Time management is now easier with no need for the area sales managers to call the office before every appointment to check on customer information and recent communications. There’s also no need for internal sales staff to check with a regional sales manager every time a customer calls as all the details are logged on the CRM.”

Essential Part of the Business

SpotlerCRM has become an essential part of the day-to-day management at NiCo Manufacturing. “The system is incredibly intuitive and straightforward. For our trade sales business, it is easy to use and manage, providing the information and reports we need, and accessible from anywhere, on any device!”

Industry: Manufacturing
Location: United Kingdom
Company Size: 10-49 People

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