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About CyberTech Digital

CyberTech Digital provides a comprehensive range of Managed IT Support services, specialising in proactive IT support, cyber security and Microsoft Cloud. This includes remotely monitoring their customer's IT systems 24/7 and resolving any problems.

CyberTech Digital has been using SpotlerCRM since July 2018. Managing Director, Bob Barrett, commented “We chose SpotlerCRM because we wanted something that we could learn quickly and was affordable. The other CRM systems we looked at were either too complicated or cost prohibitive or in some cases both.”

It was important for us that SpotlerCRM was 100% committed to GDPR compliance.
Bob Barrett, CyberTech Digital

“It was also very important for us that SpotlerCRM was 100% committed to GDPR compliance. Not so much for us personally but from the point of view of recommending it to our existing and future customers.”

Protecting digital data

Using SpotlerCRM

As a Managed IT service Provider, Cybertech Digital is constantly advising customers on how to protect themselves from cybercrime. This means that recording correspondence is a priority.

SpotlerCRM has streamlined this by making it easy, automatically recording customer interactions, while also providing the ability to send out newsletters and other communications. Barrett explained “We record all of the email correspondence both in and out between all of our customers and prospects. These are automatically captured from Office 365 and inserted into SpotlerCRM as actions. We also use the SpotlerCRM Marketing Module to send out newsletters to our customers and prospects, often warning recipients about the latest cyber scams.”

Being cloud a based CRM has significant advantages, but those advantages are amplified by enabling disparate systems to work together.
Bob Barrett, CyberTech Digital

Integrating Zapier with SpotlerCRM

CyberTech Digital has been using SpotlerCRM's Zapier integration to monitor In and Outbound emails. This automatically creates tasks in their CRM if the email correspondent exists as a contact. A Zap connects Office 365 with SpotlerCRM which is triggered when it finds an email match in the CRM which then creates a Task in the Account as the action.

Barrett continued “Being cloud based CRM has significant advantages, but those advantages are amplified by enabling disparate systems to work together.”

Looking to the future

The company’s objective for 2019 is to help customers achieve greater productivity using cloud-based systems and the integration of these systems, with Zapier as their chosen platform for delivering integration.

Barrett expanded “To achieve our objectives for 2019, Office 365, SpotlerCRM, Xero and GoCardless will form the core products we will be promoting. Zapier, and our expertise in it will be our chosen platform for delivering integration between these various systems.”

Barrett concludes “CyberTech has benefited from using SpotlerCRM by capturing customer data automatically and storing it against the relevant client, and by using the CRM as a means of better communicating with our customers. This has helped us to make our brand stand out in a crowded marketplace.”

“SpotlerCRM is a CRM system that is easy enough to be used by everyone and is cost effective. Other CRM systems were either too complicated or too expensive.”

Industry: Consultancy
Location: United Kingdom
Company Size: 10-49 People

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