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About NT Software Consultancy

NT Software Consultancy Limited offers a wide range of consulting services to businesses in the flooring, textiles, and fabric sector. If businesses within these sectors need support, advice and help to improve their IT and software systems; NT Consultancy is there to help.

Since 2015, NT Consultancy has been offering its services globally, utilising the 30 years of expertise of its founder, Neil Gilmartin. Over this time, they have become the go-to resource for business software solutions, helping them with software review processes and giving them the best option while avoiding costly mistakes.

Neil expands: “We have large manufacturers come and ask for advice on reviewing and potentially changing their operations software. On top of this, I work with software businesses across the globe, so I always know the best solutions available to businesses within the home interior industries.

“I gain new clients by offering regular market updates which go down a storm. I also build brand awareness by conducting email marketing campaigns, attending trade shows, and making the most of my personal connections. Typically, once I’ve acquired a new client the sales cycle runs for 6 to 24 months, but it can sometimes run for much longer.”

Not only does SpotlerCRM act as a digital database, but it also allows me to crunch my data and laser target my market segment.
Neil Gilmartin, NT Software Consultancy

Creating a Robust CRM Database

When asked about why NT Consultancy required a CRM, Neil explains: “Through various points of my career, I’ve used numerous CRM systems e.g., Goldmine, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, as well as systems like ACT.

“When I started my own consultancy, I started on excel sheets but quickly found I needed my own system as using only spreadsheets is very one dimensional. I needed more robust database functionalities and workflow processes, as well as a system that automated my marketing efforts without using external tools such as Mail Chimp.

“I actually got asked by one of my own clients about CRM software recommendations, so I spent 6 months researching the various options in the CRM market to give myself a comprehensive overview, and the one I liked most was SpotlerCRM. This was because: the data was displayed cleanly, they are UK based which is important for me, I found it simple to use, and when I needed support, the team were excellent. HubSpot was my second choice, but I found their system too complex for my requirements.”

I can see the level of client engagement and track campaign progress without any complications.
Neil Gilmartin, NT Software Consultancy

Increasing Client Engagement

Neil delves deeper into how NT Consultancy uses the CRM system: “Not only does SpotlerCRM act as a digital database, but it also allows me to crunch my data and laser target my market segment. But where the CRM software really comes into its own is with its marketing tools. Whenever I contact a customer via email, I can see the level of client engagement and track campaign progress without any complications. I know that if I want to re-connect with my client base, I can set up a marketing campaign in minutes; giving me that feel-good factor knowing that I’ve kept the company profile up, which is where I want it to be.

“After adopting the CRM, we have also increased the company’s data discipline. We’re now much better at managing our customer data and keeping everything up to date. Whenever I use the CRM system, I’m instantly connected with my clients around the world. Furthermore, when I present to clients, I often use the CRM dashboards to display key data and they’re always impressed by how professional and easy-to-view the data is. SpotlerCRM is the simplest tool I’ve got and it’s integral to how our consultancy works day-to-day.”

CRM Advice

To finish, Neil gave his recommendations for businesses looking to adopt a CRM system. “There’s always a very real danger when implementing CRM software; the system might be too complex. You could spend 2 years implementing a system that, in the end, becomes too complicated and difficult to use. In my experience, I recommend adopting a much simpler system that can scale up to your requirements, so that you get a much quicker return on investment and can get up and running much quicker.”

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Industry: Consultancy
Location: United Kingdom
Company Size: 1-10 People

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