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News Jun 29th, 2022
John Paterson

UK Approved for GDPR Data Storage Compliance

UK added to the list of countries where data on EC citizens can be held in compliance with GDPR.

CRM Jun 22nd, 2022
Guest Writer

How To Choose the Right CRM

Customer relationship management software is a staple for modern businesses, such software can help your business max...

Marketing Jun 8th, 2022
Max Jones

PPC: A Comprehensive Guide to Pay Per Click

Pay-Per-Click advertising has the power to generate thousands of website visits, leading to more leads, sales, and re...

Business Strategy May 25th, 2022
Jenii Lowe

15 Inspiring SaaS Metrics Every Software Company Should Track

Uncover the hidden data behind your SaaS business and maximise your money-making potential with these 15 metrics ever...

News May 21st, 2022
Helen Armour

FrontRunner for Contact Management

SpotlerCRM has been named a FrontRunner for Contact Management by Software Advice.

Sales May 11th, 2022
Mihajlo Radivojevic

What Is Progressive Profiling and Why Do You Need It?

Progressive profiling is a great tool that can help with getting more customer data and getting more out of it.

Marketing Apr 27th, 2022
Mihajlo Radivojevic

How CRM Software Can Help You Align Sales and Marketing

Let’s learn in more detail why the Sales and Marketing alignment is so important and how to achieve it with the help ...

Marketing Apr 13th, 2022
Jenii Lowe

How Digital Marketing Transformed The Sales Funnel

Tech has changed a lot about how we do business, so is the old, literally Victorian, sales funnel still fit for purpose?

Marketing Mar 30th, 2022
Jenii Lowe

What Is Data Management? How and Why to do Data Differently

Data is an essential business asset – are you making the most of yours? Let’s explore the importance of data management.

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