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Need some CRM advice? Or maybe you want the latest sales and marketing trends? You can find it all here, written by our experts in our CRM blog.
CRM Aug 20th, 2021
Helen Armour


We’ve created a custom version of our CRM for BIDs in the UK, helping them optimise their relationships.

Sales Aug 17th, 2021
Jenii Lowe

What Makes A Good Salesperson? 10 Reasons Why Sales Teams Fail

We explore 10 reasons why a sales team’s efforts might be falling flat and what makes a good salesperson.

Sales Aug 2nd, 2021
Jenii Lowe

7 Impactful Sales Techniques That All B2Bs Need to Know

Sales can be a tough job. Here we explore 7 sales techniques that you can use to win more business.

Customer Service Jul 30th, 2021
Helen Armour

Forging A Path – Customer Survey 2021

Read how the results of our Customer Survey 2021 are providing real actionable insights to shape our product and serv...

Marketing Jul 26th, 2021
Guest Writer

Everything You Need to Know About Co-Marketing

If you’re trying to develop a strategy for a new campaign, you might want to try on the “co-marketing” hat.

CRM Jul 22nd, 2021
Guest Writer

Top 5 HubSpot Alternatives for Small Business

If you’re in the market for a new CRM, we’ve reviewed 5 competitive HubSpot alternatives, all suitable for small B2Bs.

New Features Jul 20th, 2021
Helen Armour

New CRM Navigation Menu & Default Dashboard

A new CRM navigation menu for greater efficiency and easy access to what’s important to you.

Marketing Jul 20th, 2021
Mihajlo Radivojevic

What Is Dark Social and How To Measure It

Every brand needs a strong digital strategy, and this ought to include a serious approach to dark social.

Marketing Jul 14th, 2021
Jenii Lowe

How CRM Marketing Integration Benefits B2B Sales

Keep your sales hopper full and your sales and marketing team pulling together with integrated CRM data.

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