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News • Jul 26th, 2012 • John Paterson

Adoption of Cloud CRM Soars

A survey has revealed that adoption of cloud CRM systems has soared over the course of the last year. We explore the reasons why.

A recent survey conducted by SpotlerCRM, one of the world’s largest Cloud CRM vendors, has revealed that adoption of cloud CRM systems has soared over the course of the last year, with cloud CRM solutions now used more widely than traditional in-house solutions. With confidence in cloud solutions increasing substantially, of those surveyed, 56% are using a cloud CRM system, compared to 45% this time last year. Furthermore, only 15% of respondents admitted to still having some reservations on the adoption of cloud systems; a vast improvement on the 23% in last year’s survey.

From a sample of 685 respondents, the majority from small and medium-sized organizations with less than 50 employees, over half revealed that they believe cloud solutions offer better value than in-house equivalents (up on last year’s 44% to 50.1%). Furthermore, confidence in cloud solutions overall has increased substantially, with 72% of respondents claiming to have more confidence generally that a year ago and 80% saying they thought cloud solutions required less IT support.

John Paterson, former CEO of SpotlerCRM, comments, “It is hugely encouraging to see these survey figures reflecting increased confidence in cloud systems.” He continues, “With many advantages in the reduction of IT overheads, the removal of any system maintenance burden, low capex and the fact that cloud systems offer business-critical information readily available at all times, from any computer with internet connectivity to provide more flexible working across the business, cloud solutions continue to grow in popularity as business requirements and attitudes continue to evolve.”

In terms of social marketing, 67% of those surveyed use social marketing, with LinkedIn the most popular tool (81%) and 34% believing that they saw a positive ROI from using social marketing. Worryingly however, 59% of businesses claim to be unable to measure any ROI from their social marketing efforts.

Paterson comments, “Despite the hype that social marketing continues to receive, it was surprising not to see a more dramatic increase in use over the course of the past year, only 5% up from 2011.”

The survey also confirmed that 61% of businesses are using in-house ERP/Accounting solutions (down from 69% in 2011) with 53% of those questioned saying they would be confident in switching to a cloud solution when the time comes – a figure 5% up on last year’s 48%. Paterson concludes, “For the first time, the majority of businesses surveyed are confident about cloud ERP solutions. The implication of this shift is positive for the cloud sector as a whole as more as more businesses prepare to switch their business-critical traditional in-house software to reap to benefits of cloud solutions.”

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