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CRM • Nov 14th, 2019 • Nick Leong

Customising Your CRM System

Customising SpotlerCRM for your business has never been easier. You are able to add fields, widgets and more.

Notes to accompany the Webinar “Customising your CRM

With SpotlerCRM you can customise your system to better suit your business needs. You can add and remove fields and create new dropdown lists to create a CRM system specific for your organisation and your individual users.

This post walks you through some of the options available to customise your CRM.

Getting Started With Custom Fields

You are now set up with your new CRM system and getting started with your data import. But you realise that some of the data you would like to record in the system doesn’t have a field to add it to. With SpotlerCRM you can easily change and add fields in the system yourself.

Let’s say you would like to record which of your products your contacts are interested in and want to create a custom field called “product interest” on the contact form.

You can create a new Custom Field in your Contacts form by going to Settings, System Settings and selecting Custom Fields, then go to the table called Contact. Once in the table you can create your field by giving it a name, in this case, we will call the field Product Interests, and then tick the “Live” box next to the field and then save. The field will now appear as a simple text field on all your Contact grids.

N.B. You are able to run reports on all the custom fields you create in the system. For example, if you wanted to run a report on how many of your Contacts are interested in a particular product. To find out more about creating reports take a look here.

Creating Dropdown Lists

You may want to create a pre-defined list of customer interests, so your users only need to click on the options presented.

To give your new field a dropdown list, you first need to create a list with all of the options included. To do this, go back to Settings/System Settings and select Custom Dropdown Lists. Click on the blue “Create Dropdown” button at the top right-hand and give your list a name. Add your options in the fields provided and save.

N.B. The dropdown will automatically be sorted in alphabetical order. If you don’t want your options displayed alphabetically you have a sort order field on the left-hand side in the dropdown list where you can determine what order you want to display the options in.

After you have created your Dropdown List it’s time to add it to your custom field. To do this go back to Custom Fields in Settings and in the column LookUp Table, type in the name of the dropdown list you created and save. Your field will now have a dropdown list attached to your field.

But what if some of your users have more than one option? If you want to be able to more than one option for your Contacts you can do this by making the field “Multi-Line”. Going back to Custom Fields in the Settings/System Settings and select the Field Type and change it from a text field to a “multi-line” and save.

If you want to remove non-mandatory fields in the system please contact our support team and they will remove them for you.

rss crm marketing dashboard

Dashboard Widgets

Your CRM users might work in a different department and therefore have specific interests using your CRM data. This is where your Dashboard Widgets come into play. Within each of the CRM dashboards, each user can easily add widgets that provide personal visuals of key data, easy access to areas of the CRM system, display reminders of tasks, and much more.

Dashboard customisation is taken even further by our new feature Custom Charts. Available in the Enterprise plan, Custom Charts allows users to create their own custom widgets. These widgets are created by using our simple chart builder and once made, provide a more specific indicator of performance as you’re able to visualise specific KPIs as they can display any of your data in the CRM system, including data from custom fields.

Custom Pages & Sub-Domains

When you log into the CRM system, viewing key information takes priority. That’s why you’re able to edit the layouts of the tables/grids in your Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Campaigns and Cases pages to create Custom Pages that show the information important to you.

If you go into Settings, you can set up a Custom Sub-domain for your CRM, for example,, adding your company name or abbreviation to the URL. This makes the CRM feel more personal for your users and is particularly useful for consultants who might be managing multiple CRMs.


User Security

In the Professional and Enterprise plans, you can set up User Permission Levels for your CRM users. User Permission Levels limits what access different CRM Users have to the Accounts and Contacts in the system. You can set your Users up so that only some have access to certain Accounts and Contacts. You can read more about User security settings on our Support Hub.

If you are looking to make a specific change not covered in this post or encounter any problems when customising your CRM system please contact our Support team by emailing and they will be happy to assist.

Customisation Service

If your CRM customisation needs are more complex you might want to contact us to discuss a modification to the system. Using our CRM Customisation Service, our customisation expert will discuss your particular needs and draw up a specification to tailor the system exactly to your needs.

To discuss your company’s customisation needs contact us on

Join Our Webinars

If you’d like some help in getting started with customisation, we run two monthly webinars; Customising Your CRM, and Advanced Reporting & Custom Charts. Please join us to explore how you can make the most out of these customisation tools.

If you are looking to make a specific change not covered in this post or encounter any problems when customising your CRM system please contact our Customer Support team on

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