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New Features • Mar 12th, 2019 • Helen Armour

Custom Widgets for Your Dashboard

You might have noticed something different on your CRM dashboard!

We’ve just released a new version of our CRM widgets that lets you edit, resize, reposition and delete them as you like.

With the new custom widgets you can set the values and reporting periods to suit your company. You can also drag and drop them to rearrange your dashboard, change the widget size or delete.

On your dashboard, clicking the “ADD WIDGETS” button you’ll see the new widgets now available. Click the icon to open the widget you want and use the dropdown lists to select the data you wish to show. For example, on the “Sales” widget you can choose to display your sales in intervals of Years, Quarters, and Months. You can then select the period you want to report over, starting from one year, or more.

The periods are governed by the Financial Year End month your system Administrator has set in your Company Settings.

editing custom widgets

Resize, Drag and Drop

To let you easily rearrange your dashboard you can now drag and drop each widget to where you want and resize them to fit. Simply click the arrows icon to resize and to drag and drop, right click and hold with your mouse then drag the widget to a new position.

Edit and Delete

To edit a widget, click on the cog icon and edit the fields using the dropdown lists. To delete a widget, just click the trash icon and it’s gone!

Report Widgets coming soon!

The next release, available to Enterprise customers, will let you create your own custom widgets in the same way as you create a report. You’ll be able to design pie charts, line charts, bar charts and gauges, setting your own criteria fields from the CRM data.

If you’d like to get involved and help beta test the new Report Widgets do get in touch on

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