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CRM • Nov 18th, 2016 • Helen Armour

What Our CEO Doesn’t Know About CRM

SpotlerCRM's former CEO and CRM expert, John Paterson, is asked to comment on the Software Advice CRM Buyers Guide.

The CRM Expert

At SpotlerCRM, journalists often ask us to comment on CRM research data and to give an opinion that will add weight to an article they have written. As Marketing Manager. I’m always keen to help and boost our content marketing. However, I am no CRM expert and feel my miserly two years’ experience in CRM doesn’t count for much. So, it’s in such cases that I am pleased I can draw upon the expertise of our CEO, John Paterson.

I’m astounded by how John can take on board a topic and, in a matter of minutes, compile an interesting, in-depth, humorous, and often controversial opinion in response. His detailed knowledge of the CRM industry, its history, the key players and technology, really is second to none. But then he has been around the industry for some years!

John started SpotlerCRM having already held senior positions with various other CRM vendors. He wrote the code for the original version of our CRM system and has lived and breathed CRM ever since. So qualifying as a CRM expert!


It’s, therefore, refreshing when the journalist also recognises this talent. Andrew Friedenthal, market research analyst for the online CRM technology reviews company, Software Advice, recently requested industry experts to interpret and comment on his finding in a CRM Buyers Report. Of course, John was happy to oblige.

Having completed his report and analysis, Andrew commented;

“John helped me to understand the information that I discovered when going through our buyer data. He went over my questions point by point and indicated where our data matched his expectations and where it diverged”…

rss crm ceo expert

…” This was especially helpful to my report because, as the former CEO of SpotlerCRM, John has an in-depth understanding of the ways in which our buyers—their customers—actually use the CRM system once they purchase it. His insights were thus based on intimate knowledge of the CRM experience for the end user, which allowed my report to have a much stronger understanding of the kinds of issues that concern our buyers.”

CRM Idol

Yet this is not the first time John’s credentials have been applauded. In 2014, he was voted CRM Idol Citizen of the Year! CRM Idol comments “He is the first unanimous choice for the Award which is not given every year. He fulfils all the requirements for the winner of this one.  Smart, gracious, honest and just simply a good human being who shows that success can be driven by fairness and doing what is the right thing to do for your customers and for other people.”

I doff my cap!

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