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CRM • Mar 23rd, 2021 • Helen Armour

Introducing Our CRM Calendar

We’re pleased to announce the addition of a new integrated CRM calendar to help you manage your CRM activities.

Make a Date for Calendars!

Hot on the heels of Multi-Series Charts, we’ve another new feature launch that will be welcome news!

We’re pleased to announce the addition of a new integrated calendar in the CRM to help you manage your Tasks, Activites and Opportunities.

You can create calendar views for your Tasks, Activities, Opportunities and other date related CRM objects, letting you easily visualise your key appointments and closing deals in a calendar format. The calendars provide the option to view by month, week, day, or as a daily schedule, letting you easily switch the view and plan your workload.

The calendar also provides a quick route to update your entries. Clicking on an entry e.g. a Task, Opportunity, etc. in the calendar will display the details in a panel where you can click through to edit.

In addition to viewing your personal calendar entries, the calendar lets you filter by your ‘user group’ and for ‘all users’, providing managers with a quick visualisation to monitor their team’s workload over time.

Really Simple Systems Sales Manager, Lisa Kilmister, commented, “The new calendar provides a neat visual display of your closing opportunities, follow-up calls and meetings. This is a big help for salespeople, not only in keeping on top of all your appointments and follow ups, but also in tracking your monthly and quarterly sales targets.”

Calendar Setup

In setting up the calendar, you can format the entries to display what information is needed to act on and set the colour indicators to categorise each object based on what is most relevant for your organisation. For example, for Tasks, this might be the priority level or Task Status.

The new calendar is now available in all price plans, including our Free CRM.

For more information, take a look at our Customer Support Hub. Here you’ll find full resources to help you get set-up your Calendars.

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