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A leading CRM to grow your business, that is part of a multi-channel marketing automation platform.

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Generate Leads and Retain Customers

All-in-one solution to manage your campaigns, attracting more customers and keeping them happy.

SpotlerLeads - See who is on your website, convert those visitors to leads and manage your interactions across every touchpoint.
SpotlerMail+ - Plan, execute, track and automate your marketing campaigns from inception to evaluation.
SpotlerMail+ - Create beautiful emails, schedule and send, then track and analyse your engagement levels.
Spotler Social - Manage all your social accounts and syndicate your content from one place.
Spotler CRM - Filter and segment your database, create lists and tailor your emails to target your customer profiles.
Spotler CRM - Powerful reporting and analytics tools to monitor your campaigns and measure ROI.

Collaboration and Compliance

Give your team the tools they need to excel.

Working Better Together

Working Better Together

With your marketing integrated with your Sales CRM, each contact’s interactions are recorded to their CRM account. You’ll see where a lead has come from, which messages they’ve opened and clicked on, and any responses they’ve made. This gives full visibility across your sales and marketing teams, letting you prioritise your best leads and retain customers.

Data Security Compliance

In our increasingly connected world, the modern marketer knows that data protection and privacy are imperative. Helping you comply with the most stringent of legislation, such as GDPR and HIPAA, our marketing software stores and processes data securely with individuals’ data confidentiality maintained. In addition, you can collect and record your contacts’ mailing consent and mailing preferences, maintaining your permission to keep in touch.

Data Security Compliance

Do Happy

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"SpotlerCRM is key to our business growth. The marketing feature is amazing and we love how easy it is to customise how everything displays in the CRM!"
Jonny Towers
"After a poor experience with a previous CRM, we were looking for a product which was not only intuitive and feature-rich, but came with great support. These guys succeeded on all counts."
John Jones
"The quick support and help from the team, it's brilliant whether it be by Skype, telephone or email. I can’t recommend the product, and the people, enough!"
Elaine Hamilton
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