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New Features • Mar 11th, 2021 • Helen Armour

Custom Charts Goes Multi-Series

Our Multi-Series Charts let you compare data across dates and data series, creating actionable insights that drive business outcomes.

Launching Multi-Series Custom Charts

If you’re a fan of our Custom Charts, you’ll be excited to hear we have ramped up the chart options to bring you greater flexibility and control with our new Multi-Series Charts.

As you’ll know already, our Custom Charts feature lets you create your own dashboard widgets, providing a snapshot of your performance in a visual display. This latest release goes further, letting you compare multiple sets of data and monitor business performance KPIs in a simple chart, or graph, creating actionable insights that directly drive business outcomes.

Using Multi-Series Charts in your Data-Drive Strategy

Multi-Series Charts provide an analytics solution that will help influence decisions and drive change. For example, you might like to track your opportunity close rate by month, comparing this year with last year. Or maybe if you are running targeted and regional marketing campaigns, you might compare new customer acquisitions by their account type or location.

In using Multi-Series Charts to monitor your data, you can easily spot trends, variations or anomalies, should a metric suddenly increase or decrease. And as the charts use real-time data you’ll be ready to take action that can immediately influence your business strategy.

Chart Options

Our Multi-Series Charts are available as line charts and bar charts, letting you select to compare across a data series or by date, which could be by month, quarter, calendar year or financial year.

Available in the Enterprise plan, the Multi-Series Charts development comes as a direct response from our user feedback. Customers told us how useful they were finding the custom dashboard widgets but also wanted to compare data across multiple series. So here we are with the latest update!

Marketing Manager, Helen Armour, reports, “This development comes as a direct response to customer feedback and represents a true collaboration with our software users. They told us they loved the Custom Charts tool but that that they would also like to compare data sets in a similar fashion”.

She added, “At a time when data plays such a pivotal role in business decision making, we are delighted to see the impact a simple tool like Custom Charts has had. We hope this new development will be equally well received”.

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Custom Charts lets you create your own dashboard widgets, creating a snapshot of your business performance in a simple chart or graph. You can use Custom Charts to monitor a wide range of CRM data, such as your new leads, sales targets, team performance, marketing campaigns, support cases plus any data you have in your custom fields.

They work in a similar format to Listing Reports, letting you define your chart criteria and generate a widget to add to your dashboard. You can make pie charts, horizontal and vertical bar charts, line charts, total numbers and gauges. These will display real-time values of your CRM activity so they are always up to date.

For more information, take a look at our Customer Support Hub. Here you’ll find full resources to help you get set-up and create Custom Charts.

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